We are Adelie.
A small, full-service creative studio based in Long Island, NY.



Looking to refresh an old website? We'll help you get started on a platform that suits your budget, experience, and marketing needs. From choosing a domain name to configuring your DNS records, from wireframe to deployment, we'll guide you every step of the way.

Web Design

Using industry standard software like Sketch and llustrator, we create wireframes and "look-and-feel" mock-ups of beautiful web designs customized to synergize with your existing brand, business, and needs.
And don't worry: we'll guide the design process, but you will absolutely have input over the final outcome.

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Web Development

There's more to a modern website than just HTML. We use modern tech stacks (Laravel, NGINX) and front-end tooling (SCSS, Foundation, TypeKit) to build a web solution that suits your budget, timeline, experience, and brand. For simpler sites with more modest budgets, we'll utilize existing web platforms (SquareSpace, Shopify, WordPress) as a starting point.

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Establishing and marketing a cohesive brand identity is no small undertaking. Today's digital era demands consistency and a unique voice. We'll help you craft a visual identity that gracefully combines your brand with modern design trends to leave a striking impression.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the work of visual communication. Through the thoughtful composition of type, image, and color you can expand your network, promote your business, express your ideas, and more. Adelie will help you craft beautiful visuals for your print and web needs.

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Visual Branding

A brand is much more than just having a nice logo. It begins with you and what you want to communicate to your target demographic. Through the thoughtful curation of the right aesthetic, you can help others visually identify your good work! Adelie will help you come up with a visual identity that speaks to your strengths, values, ideas, and even the unique personality of your entity.

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We're Thorough.

From establishing a unique brand, to creating web mockups, and finally to deploying a website of your own - we can help you with it all. From start to finish.

We're Invested.

In your success, that is! We'll work with you to equip your business with the tools necessary to compete in today's design-minded digital era.

We're Ethical.

We adhere to industry best practices and abide ethical standards at every point in our company.
In short: we don't cut corners.

We're Direct.

At all times, you'll be talking with the people best-equipped to help you. Faster turnaround times, more productive conversations, less headaches.

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