An app to manage job applications.

Mosu is a simple utility to help you manage your job applications while job-hunting.

phase one

Identifying Problems & Goals

The job-hunt can be hectic, especially once job applications start piling up. Are you applying to 5, 15, or 50 places? What phase is each job application at? Who do I know at each company? What is my expected salary at each location? Paper and pen is fine for organizing the job hunt if you're a top-tier executive with job offers for days. But for the rest of us, a tool would be helpful.

phase two

Crafting Solutions

Queue Mosu. Mosu was intended to help fellow job-hunters take control of their application process. As such, it needed to be usable for a large group of people, simple enough to be useful instead of another tool to learn, and hopefully, encouraging to the people who are using it. With Laravel as the back-end and ReactJS powering the front-end, the basic version of Mosu was scheduled to be developed quickly, reliably, and maintainably, just in case extra features were to be created and added later on.

phase three

Implementing Solutions

We grinded to develop the mini-application. Total development time, from ideation to mock-ups and wireframes to MVP was around two weeks. We utilized Bootstrap and Adobe TypeKit to add structure and flair in a maintainable way. Soon, it was live! See for yourself at Make an account and login to start adding and managing your job applications immediately. Of course, rapid development trades completeness for breadth of features, but we believe it gives you just what you need: the ability to track all of your job applications. Additional features are planned for development and release within 2016-17, such as a developer API, iOS app, re-designed interface, integration with Font Awesome, and of course: overall optimization. For feature requests, bug reports, comments, or questions, email Until then, cheers, and enjoy Mosu!

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