A wholesale company for mobile accessories & products.

SkyWholesalers was an ambitious start-up wholesale company with a focus on quality-sourced mobile goods & accessories. With a modest, but hand-picked selection of items, SkyWholesalers provided a portal for mobile retailers/resellers to access the latest cases, chargers, stickers, and more.

phase one

Identifying Problems & Goals

Looking to expand their business online, SkyWholesalers approached us for a solution. Priorities were: an e-commerce solution that was specialized to beautifully feature few (over many) products, ease-of-use, and simple branding. As per their mission statement, they wanted to keep the website's branding simple and focused in order to minimize costs for both their business and their own customers.

phase two

Crafting Solutions

To accommodate their goals, a custom-developed solution would have excessive. However, their needs were a bit more extensive than what simpler e-commerce solutions, such as SquareSpace, had to offer. We decided that a modified, templated shop on the excellent Shopify platform was their best bet. The higher hosting costs were immediately and overwhelmingly offset by the suite of features Shopify offered, and the theme ecosystem was best-in-class! We were excited to start.

phase three

Implementing Solutions

Once everything was planned, starting the project simply became a matter of sifting through templates to find the best jumping off point for the web's layout. Once a suitable template was found, we dove into the code to tweak the page layouts as necessary. Certain sections of the page were simply unnecessary, and paddings/margins/colors were tweaked to the client's preference. The end result was a simple, near-monochrome website with a fully-functional and fully-configured product management system, and a neat front-facing portal for clients to access the website. As it was a wholesaler's site, we also configured it such that only qualified retailers could access the inventory (rather than end consumers). In the end, the project went off without a hitch and we couldn't have been happier to work with SkyWholesalers on creating this great website. (NOTE: For various reasons, SkyWholesalers, which was hosted at, has decided to pause operation until further notice and the website is currently unavailable.)

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