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Kevin Oh's current personal website.

phase one

Identifying Problems & Goals

Kevin here, since this particular case study is for my personal website. Hoo-rah. To keep it simple: I wanted a website to communicate my services to clients. I had a lot to offer, and I needed an online platform to let people precisely know what I could do for them. As a web developer, my honest goals with the website were to leave a personable impression, establish credibility, and be *genuinely* interesting to those who visited.

phase two

Crafting Solutions

I knew that, once created, the site's content and design would remain static - after all, my services weren't going to change from week to week! I didn't need sophisticated blogging features or a login system - no bells and whistles necessary. As such, I chose to build my site with Jekyll and Github Pages. This granted me free hosting as well as total flexibility of the website's appearance. After designing some basic wireframes to get the gist, I outlined the content that I would need to create: a list of my services, a basic biography, etc. Afterwards, I sifted through dozens of color combinations until I found one that fit the high-contrast look I had in mind.

phase three

Implementing Solutions

It was then time to gather and create all the content. I selected a few beautiful stock photos from one of my preferred sources and found some great-looking icons - all available with free licensing. I invested in Adobe TypeKit - an excellent font-hosting service that allows web developers to implement professionally-designed font faces into their web designs. These services collectively allowed me to get a great, professional look - one that left a striking impression without breaking the bank, even if it took more time. I jumped into my text editor to write the text copy as well as the code for the website. The website took about three weeks to design, develop, and deploy.

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