Kichin NYC

Kichin NYC is a Korean restaurant based in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.

Kichin needed a clean, simple website to display their menu and establish a branded web presence.

phase one

Identifying Problems & Goals

In the interest of consistency, Facebook limits profile customization to just two things: a profile picture and a cover photo. For small businesses - like Kichin - seeking to establish and solidify their brand, this may not be enough. Social media platforms in general are ill-suited to handle the kind of multimodal content Kichin had to offer: static information like their menu and the restaurant's hours, photos of the food, a map to their location, etc. Even though Kichin had created a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they needed a platform that could do more. Interestingly, we had one more constraint: time! As Kichin's customer base was rapidly growing, they wanted to establish a web presence *fast*.

phase two

Crafting Solutions

With rapid development as a key requirement, we decided that SquareSpace was the best solution for Kichin's needs. SquareSpace offers a formidable set of functionality out of the box - a solid start when time is a factor. It had a selection of base templates with just the right amount of flexibility to allow for the kind of creative styling Kichin required.

phase three

Implementing Solutions

After establishing that we would be utilizing the SquareSpace platform, we hunted down a base template that worked for us, with a layout that complemented both text and photos without looking cluttered. Once that was done, it became a simple matter of gathering the content we required: photos, basic business information, and of course: the delicious menu items! Kichin's own branding team had branding assets already designed: logos, color hex codes, font-faces, and images. We integrated the content into the layout seamlessly and the website began to come to life. With Kichin's excellent communication, we were able to cooperate to get the site up and running within two weeks. Once the site's skeleton was completed, we went through some routine styling tweaks - that is, we went in and used some CSS magic to fix up some minor details.

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