Essache is a manufacturing and distribution company with locations in the United States, China, and South Korea. wanted to launch an online catalog to display their products.

phase one

Identifying Problems & Goals

Essache's previous web solution was no longer working. It was clumsy to manage, counterintuitive to navigate, and unreliable by modern standards. The website was hosted off-shores, resulting in slow page loads. The previous web designers had actually become unresponsive, making it prohibitively difficult to update the website. It wasn't built with a responsive layout - meaning, it didn't adapt to different screen sizes. Finally, the website displayed inconsistently across several browsers. The team at Essache needed a website that reflected the quality of their products. A website that would grant them the autonomy to run their business without having to hunt down rogue, unresponsive web designers.

phase two

Crafting Solutions

We prioritized autonomy, speed-of-development, and reliability as the three core values for the site. The website needed to be designed in a hands-off way, so that the Essache team could manage their content quickly and independently. They needed the website up quickly, and they needed it to be reliable. Second, an aesthetic rework was in order. We replaced old, Flash-based scrolling marquees with a simple, clean color palette. We added some padding to increase readability. The old website had scrunched letters and some images failed to load. We used bold, sans-serif fonts from Adobe's TypeKit service along with clean, flat icons to freshen up the page and make it easier on the eyes.

phase three

Implementing Solutions

We utilized Ruby On Rails as the back-end. With Rails and its minimal dependence on plugins, we were able to quickly develop a custom-built, barebones Content Management System for them to manage their product catalog. We utilized Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for basic asset loading and deployed the website to a trusted VPS in New York (rather than off-shores). Google Analytics was also installed to help them understand their audience. With Rails' built-in protection against CSRF and malicious SQL Injections, Essache staff was able to run their business without having to worry about constant security risks and plugin updates. Page loads were cut in half. With some light documentation and a quick training session, the Essache team was up-and-running in no time. They currently use our back-end system to power their online catalog.

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